Smoothie Lemon-Ginger

Smoothie Lemon-Ginger

Got Acid Reflux? We got you! This acid reflux reducing smoothie is formulated to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux. It helps with neutralize stomach acid, smooth the esophagus, promotes digestion, provides hydration, and offers a nutritious alternative. While individual experiences may vary some may find this refreshing smoothie provides relief.

Here’s how we prepare it and it’s best to follow the blender placement instructions for best results:

½ Banana
1 cup of milk or milk alternative
1 ½ teaspoon of Honey (a little more if you like it sweet)
1 tablespoon of Energy Sea Moss Gel Lemon Ginger
4 cubes of ice

Blender Placement of Ingredients:
Place the ingredients in this order: (1 st ) milk; (2 nd ) honey; (3 rd ) Energy Sea Moss Gel Lemon Ginger; (4 th ) Banana; (5 th ) cubes of ice- now blend until smooth for a perfect mix. Enjoy!

Serving size 16oz