Lemon Ginger- 2 oz Good Stuff Size


Energy Sea Moss Gel- Lemon Ginger- Try the Good Stuff Size

2oz Curious Size! 

Same Lemon Ginger formula and the same health benefits. Just in a curious size!

Some potential benefits:

Cleanse and Detox

Natural Energy Boost

Digestive Aid

Beauty and Skin Health

Recipe Enhancer

Immune Support

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Our Lemon Ginger formula is perfect with North Atlantic tidepool purple Chondrus Crispus, a hint of Bladderwrack organic cold-press lemon and ginger, and a squirt of honey for sweetness.

Our product thrives in the energy and current of the North Atlantic Ocean. When consumed, that energy passes on to you! Enjoy one of the earth's sustainably harvested bounties. Cause you know what's in.

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